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As you know, sex dolls are personal items and are a custom product that is generally not accepted for 7 days refund without a reason. So, what you need to know before you decide to buy a TPE silicone sex doll online?

If you need customization options, please be sure to note that the doll cannot be modified during production. It is very important that you check that your order is correct before confirming your order. If you are buying a mature sex doll from uxdoll, do be aware that the responsible doll manufacturer will prompt you before the official production.

If you order a smiling sex doll

If you order a smiling sex doll, there are no refunds or exchanges after the order is placed. Because sex dolls are custom-made products that cannot be sold twice, discontinuing the order will result in the destruction of the raw materials. Refunds will be deducted for some fees.

When the goods arrive, the first thing to see if there is no damage to the box, and then sign for it, the first thing to do at home is to check the whole body of your black skin sex doll is there any damage, if there is a problem to raise within two hours, and the seller to negotiate how to deal with. Generally if two hours without raising the issue, which is the default doll is intact.

We generally look on the computer may have a slight error, this is caused by light, monitor, shooting angle and other issues, the error is not large. General products will have a little gap, the process is now so, can not completely to guarantee produce the same Japanese sex doll like the pictures, silicone dolls than TPE sex doll obvious.

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